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​——  使徒行传1:8






California International Theological Seminary seeks to impart to each student a high level of competency in their ability to study and present the Word of God to others. It is our goal to produce individuals who are able to bring enlightened solutions to the problems that are faced by both the church and the secular world. The faculty seeks to guide each student along a sure pathway of discovery, resulting in a clearer understanding of their personal abilities, giftedness, and compatible fields of ministry.

California International Theological Seminary workds to equip students with a practical understanding of the local church through training that covers a range of methods and ways in which they are able to effectively carry out its mission of evangelism, discipleship, and ministry involvement.


  • To educate Christians called by God, to dedicate themselves to evangelize others, and to serve the Lord of the Universe;

  • To train intercultural missionaries;

  • To cultivate leaders to serve  the churches of Jesus Christ;

  • To train believers how to guide other people to the Lord;

  • To strengthen the power of Gospel preaching to Chinese round the world.


  • 聖父、聖子、聖靈三位一體,都有位格,同尊同榮。三一神是創造天地萬物的主宰。

  • 主耶穌基督是神的獨生子,由聖靈感孕,藉童貞女馬利亞所生。他本是神,道成肉身,是完全的神,又是完全的人。他擔當世人的罪,流血捨身,死於十字架上。第三日從死裡復活,為要救一切信他的人;且已升天,如今坐在神的右邊,為眾 信徒祈求,將來必要再來審判世人。

  • 聖經是神所默示的,具有絕對的權威,完整的啓示,終極的信息,以及正確無誤的教導。


  • Emphasis on theoretically and practically cultivating believers' spiritual lives;'

  • Complete theological curricula for Master Degree;

  • The school offers discipleship training in order to evagelize and plant churches;

  • Bilingual teaching whenever needed;

  • Reasonable tuition and financial aids are available for all students.